Presently seeking publisher- for a collection of 70 poems

Title- World Peace & Environment




I will take you as my friend

For thoughts of you in prayers will never end

I will be your guardian angel in duty

Gave me your sorrow, your heart, not beauty

Now is the time to find yourself not hate

You will find life answer fate. 



Let's learn to appreciate our souls

With AIDS we have nothing to hold

AIDS the world best killer

Let's face the facts it is not a thriller

Why sacrifice a happy life for sorrow

When stolen moments are not borrow.

A  Noble Mind

Let;'s not be misunderstood in the blinding light

Knowing the memory of man is unstable

Many new wisdoms through noble mind

Philosopher's and writers the thinking human you find

The world has always been my play ground

I have sailed the seven sea's and around.

Eternal Unity

Our final goal has not yet been reached

Never loss touch with your heritage

Life created  was the best of moulds

We fell from unity when degrade

Why should evil multiplied

Our nation will be alienated from another.

Relief from Grief

The heart break that left  us all alone

Once more living among the walls of stone

But as I said it's a part of you and me

How often have we blessed and thanked thee

Religion is in the middle of this fight

Nobody worships religion but a God right.

The Song

Missing a Friend

 Missing a friend as I miss you today

Back to yesterday, the time we shared

Chorus- Confidence in exchange

Memories we share

When life been in fear

Missing a friend as I done for awhile

With some tears and a little smile.

Name- Shairoon Mohammed Sookdeo





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